Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner


     When it comes to planning your wedding you start looking for a great venue. Choosing a beautiful venue and other details like cake, designs and foods are all important issues. If you want to organize all the thoughts that are on your mind you should ask certain questions to the wedding planner so you can be fully informed with the final look of your wedding ceremony. Here are top questions most brides ask their wedding Planner:

How long have you been in this profession?

It is important for every bride to know whether this wedding planner is professional or not. She should know also how many weddings they do every year.

What is the cost of the average wedding you plan?

It is a great idea to know whether your wedding planner is in your budget range or not. This way facilitates many things for you. You will set your budget easily and in a perfect way.

Will you handle the invitations and guest list coordination?

You should know if you will receive a full service or not. Ask your wedding planner if he will manage the guest list and invitations. Check also if this is a part of their standard services or additional fee.


What are the ideas that you have on your mind for the wedding?

You should be aware of the ideas of your wedding planner. Check if they are on the same way as you imagine your wedding or not. Make sure that they are listening carefully to what you want.

Do you have any references?

It would be a great idea if there is any contact info for recent couples. You can search on anything that you are not sure about. If they provide you this information easily, it will be a good sign as they are professionals and have done good work for many clients.


    At the end you should know that wedding planning will be an exhausting task. You have to take some time to decide what you want exactly and who you want to plan your wedding. Make sure if they are professionals and do great work. There is no need to doubt about anything. Ask your wedding planner all the questions that are on your mind.


By: B&W Team