3 Tips to Choose the Right Wedding Shoes

After you pick the wedding dress, it’s time to choose the shoes. Every bride wants to wear the most stunning shoes on her wedding day. This may be one of the most difficult items on your wedding list. When you start searching for your wedding shoes you will try different styles in order to know what will fit you the most. Here are some helpful tips for every woman to choose the right fit and style of her wedding shoes.



Good Quality Shoes:

When you go shopping you should pick a good quality shoes as they are formed to make you feel comfortable. In addition, try to choose the shoes that reflect the style of your dress.

Pick The Right Heel Height:

Before you shop for high heels check your size as most women wear a size smaller in heels. Go for the right one that fits you perfectly as the shoes that are comfortable from the start will be easier to break-in.



Break-in Your Shoes:

An absolute break-in is the best way to get comfy with your shoes. Start to wear your shoes around the house. This will help you to get used to them gradually.


Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your shoes. Wedding shoes are the best wedding accessories that will complement your gown. Stick to the shoes that fit you properly as you do not want to fall down the aisle. It is not only about choosing the most beautiful wedding shoes, go for the shoes that make you feel more comfortable while enjoying your best moments at your wedding day.



By: B&W Team